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We provides a complete curriculum for students 3 years old to pre-professional.

We also offer TUMBLING, beginning through advanced levels.

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This 30-minute class for 3 & 4 year old boys and girls consists of Pre-School Ballet and Tap exercises & rhythms and Beginners Tumbling. It is mainly for coordination and development of motor control & social skills. Children must be 3 by September 1.

Kinder Dance & Tumbling

This 45-minute combination class for 5 & 6 year olds Includes Ballet, Tap, Tumbling, and Novelty Dance. As an introduction to dance, props are sometimes used for fun-filled classes. This class not only opens a new dimension to all children but teaches them discipline and structure.

One Hour Combination Ballet, Tap & Jazz

This class consists of full barre and center floor exercises for ages 7 years and older. It introduces students to the beauty and discipline of Ballet, the complexity of Tap, and beginners Jazz using popular music and the latest dance moves.

Classical Ballet-Pointe, Lyrical
This is advanced work for 10 years and older who have had at least seven years of experience. Ballet/Pointe is a dance form that requires discipline of both mind and body. It is rigid, structured and difficult. The correct form can only be taught by someone who has trained for many years to dance professionally. Lyrical is a form of dance that helps develop inner strength and beauty.

Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop & Musical Theatre Production

These are all incorporated into combination classes for older students. Tap precision and speed mark all sensational performances.Jazz & Hip Hop routines are filled with excitement and energy and Musical Theatre Productions are mostly excerpts from famous Broadway shows.

Additional Classes Optional
On Tuesday nights Ms. Caleigh teaches a stretching class for ages 7 and up. The class is very laid back but still pushes your dancer to their own limits. Dancers work on a variety of different things whether it's working on splits to turning across the floor, there is always something that the students can work on and achieve at! Practice makes perfect!! $10 per dancer per session

On Saturday afternoons Miss rad and miss katie offer tumbling at the Hampton Studio. Students learn to push their bodies to achieve beautiful gymnastics skills in an intense and fun environment! Whether you want to polish your cart wheel or learn how to execute a perfect back tuck or ariel this class can help you achieve those goals! $15 per athlete per class. Private lessons available for $45 per half hour.